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Morning Worship Online Only Guest Speaker Rev. Eyre

June 13, 2021

All services are postponed until the Health unit moves our area out of lockdown. See our service online on You Tube Belleville CFMC. Guest speaker Rev. Eyre

Sermon Notes – Rev. Lloyd R. Eyre
Sunday, June 13, 2021
Centennial FMC, Belleville, Ontario
“The Unfair Nature of Grace”
Matthew 20:1-16
A. The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard –
Matthew 20:1-16
Two observations:
1. This is not a parable about employer employee relations but rather a parable about
the Kingdom of Heaven.
2. This is a parable about grace.
B. Grace – God’s Generosity
C. Grace – God’s Generosity and Ours
Question – Why were the laborer’s hired at the
11th hour still available for work?

D. Conclusion
“I was fortunate–so magnificently fortunate!–to
become a Christian when I was not quite eleven
years old. I was hired early in the morning, at
the beginning of life’s day. So it is that I have
been blessed through all my life with a sense of
life’s purpose, value, and beauty. How dare I,
then, be bitter about those who have waited all
day in the marketplace, if at the end of the
journey they are blessed with an eternity as good
as mine?” (page 92)
Footnote – J. Ellsworth Kalas, “Parables from the
Back Side: Bible Stories with a Twist.”



June 13, 2021