You may be looking to connect with and learn more about committed, caring believers and followers of Jesus Christ. We invite you to consider our church family. We do not presume to put forward a set solution for what Centennial is or is not. What we can provide is the reality that we are a collection of diverse people. The young and the not so young, the sports minded, musicians, artisans, educators, hydro workers, medical personnel and so much more. We gather together for the purpose of fellowship, as we undertake to know and relate to Christ as our Lord and Saviour in our daily living in today’s world.


Centennial Church is a collective of persons desiring a relational experience with God through Jesus Christ. As in all gatherings there is a range of experience, and connectedness. Some are veterans of the faith while others are new in the Way of the Christian walk. We are all in the process of becoming authentic Christians.  This means we are working, with God’s leading, to become a dynamic, diverse community of believers unified through our personal relationship with Christ.


 “Guided by the past – Compelled by the future – Active in the present.”


It is the vision of The Free Methodist Church in Canada to see healthy churches within the reach of all people in Canada and beyond.