Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah, Pilgrim through a barren land, I am weak, but Thou art mighty, hold me by Thy powerful Hand.

Bread of Heaven! Bread of Heaven! Feed me ’til I want no more! Feed me ’til I want no more!

Open now the crystal fountain, whence the healing waters flow, Let the healing cloudy pillar, lead me all my journey through.

Strong Deliverer! Strong Deliverer! be Thou still my strength and shield, Be Thou still my Strength and Shield!

When I tread the verge of Jordan, bid my anxious fears subside, Bear me thro’ the swelling current, lead me safe on Canaan’s side.

Songs of praises! Songs of praises! I will ever give to Thee! I will ever give to Thee!

1a} There is therefore now no condemnation to the which are in Christ Jesus. 14} For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of

God. 15} For you have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you have received the spirit of adoption, whereby we cry Abba,

Father. 16} The Spirit Himself beareth witness with our spirit that we are the children of God. 17a} And then if children, then heirs of God and

joint-heirs with Jesus Christ. { Once we enter into that Ark of Safety, which for us is the Gospel of Salvation– That Christ died, His blood was

shed, He was buried, He rose again. And when we believe that with all our heart, then we enter into this Ark of Safety, which we call Salvation.}

Romans 8: 1a, 14-17a


While shepherds watched their flocks by night,

All seated on the ground, the angel of the Lord came down,

and Glory shone around!

‘Fear not’, said he, for mighty dread had seized their troubled mind.

Glad tidings of great Joy I bring to you and all mankind.

To you in David’s town this day is born to David’s line

The Saviour who is Christ the Lord and this shall be a sign.

The heavenly Babe you shall find to human view displayed,

All meanly wrapped in swathing bands and in a manger laid.

All glory be to God on high and to the earth be Peace.

Good will henceforth from Heaven to men, begin and never cease.

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Oh Boundless Salvation                                                                                   GLORY TO HIS NAME

How Beautiful Heaven Must Be                                                                      I’M ANCHORED IN JESUS

THERE IS JOY IN SERVING JESUS                                                                      NEAR TO THE HEART OF GOD  

There you sit                                                                                                       There is a Fountain

JESUS WAS WILLING                                                                                           I’M FORGIVEN!

Tenderly He Watches Over You                                                                       MY ANCHOR IS JESUS

I’m Too Near Heaven                                                                                         PRAISE THE LORD

PRAISE MY SOUL THE KING OF HEAVEN                                                        PEACE, PEACE WONDERFUL PEACE

LOVE FOUND A WAY                                                                                          LET IT SHINE


All Is Well                                                                                                              I WILL PRAISE HIM

I HOPE WE WALK THE LAST MILE TOGETHER                                                LORD OF ALL ETERNITY

ONLY TRUST HIM                                                                                             HAPPY TO WALK IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF JESUS

I Don’t Live There Anymore                                                                             How Long Has It Been

How Can I Keep From Singing                                                                        EACH DAY I’LL DO A GOLDEN DEED

REDEEMED                                                                                                         Where Did The Time Go

Take Up Your Cross And Follow Jesus Holy Holy!                                         O’ SAY BUT I’M GLAD

Joyful Joyful, We Adore Thee                                                                            Kneel At The Cross!

Walking In The Footsteps                                                                                  I WILL RISE

HE COULD HAVE CALLED TEN THOUSAND ANGELS                                    CROWN HIM!

Calvary Covers It All                                                                                           CHILD OF GOD

Bless The Lord O My Soul                                                                                 I DREAMED OF A CITY

THIS IS MY STORY                                                                                               BRING THE RAIN

HE THE PEARLY GATES WILL OPEN                                                                  IF I GAIN THE WORLD

There Is Coming A Great Day                                                                            ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS

Through It All                                                                                                        I WAS ON HIS MIND

I SEE A CRIMSON STREAM                                                                                 THIS IS MY FATHER’S WORLD

SPEAK THE WORD, LORD                                                                                   Hallelujah

Up From The Grave HE Arose                                                                            IF I GAIN THE WORLD 2

NEVER GROW OLD                                                                                              BLESSED BE THE LORD

When Christ Comes Again                                                                                 GOD SET THE BOUNDARIES

JESUS LOVER OF MY SOUL                                                                                 UNWORTHY

Oh Come To My Heart Lord Jesus                                                                    TURN YOUR EYES UPON JESUS

I’LL PRAY FOR YOU                                                                                              TELL ME THE OLD,OLD STORY

Jerusalem! Jerusalem!                                                                                         DEEPER, DEEPER IN THE LOVE OF JESUS

JESUS KNOWS ALL ABOUT OUR TROUBLE                                                       AND CAN IT BE

WHY DON’T YOU !                                                                                                 NEVER A FRIEND LIKE JESUS

WERE YOU THERE                                                                                                 HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD

Stand Up! Stand Up For Jesus                                                                            OH, MAY ALL THAT COME BEHIND US FIND US FAITHFUL

WHO AM I                                                                                                              HE GIVETH MORE GRACE

HE THE PEARLY GATES WILL OPEN AL15                                                          LEAD ME GENTLY HOME,FATHER

SING OF MY REDEEMER                                                                                       RESCUE THE PERISHING

REDEMPTION DRAWETH NIGH                                                                           WHO CAN CHEER THE HEART

SALVATION THROUGH HIS BLOOD                                                                    THIS LITTLE LIGHT

BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD                                                               BEHOLD THE MAN

OVER IN GLORY                                                                                                     STANDING ON THE PROMISES

WONDERFUL WORDS OF LIFE                                                                             COME TO THE CHURCH IN THE WILDWOOD

FOR GOD SO LOVED                                                                                              I WILL SING OF MY REDEEMER

THE OLD RUGGED CROSS                                                                                    GUIDE ME, O THOU GREAT JEHOVAH